Small Spaces


Basic, simple and logic tricks for the ones who are starting to decore their homes.

Don´t be frustrated, your home is not that small, it seems that manufacturers are trying to make you loose your vital space, in this blog you´ll find tips and products to decore your home and fit inside at the same time.

Guardar los juegos de cama en la funda de la almohada

By |August 1st, 2013|

Guarda los juegos de cama en una funda de almohada: es una idea sencillisima, muy útil para desordenados patológicos como yo que nunca saben donde han dejado las llaves, nunca encuentran un juego de toallas completo cuando lo necesitan y…, bueno os cuento más sobre mis despistes, daría para un blog completo.

Con este sencillo […]

Benches for Sergio

By |August 1st, 2013|

Great idea to optimize space!

Sergio decided to buy two 008 Lagoa benches, he chose the finishes he wanted (from the bench and the mats) and the exact measurements, and we adapted our model to his measurements, now he has his bedroom well taken advantage of, with a place to leave his clothes or Sit […]