When it comes to decorating a small house, you have to keep in mind that this is like playing tetris, first you decide which are the chips you are going to play with.

Make a list of the essential objects:
Yes. Before you start to buy furniture or start distributing the ones you already have, first things first: make a list of what is essential for you. It may sound silly, but you’ll see how it is not.

For some, this list is only functional, for most it also has emotional components, or it turns out that you have an old vase, or a piece of furniture that you love and need to put it somewhere, so put it on the list. For example, in the classroom I need:

1.sofa or places to be seated: the bigger and confortable your space can afford, you are going to stay a long time hanging arround there.The key is to calculate that there is at least one place per member of the family of 60 cm wide.


Although well thought, in my case I should have measured the sofa to fit me lying down … but hey, we are talking about essential minimums. eye! You will see that with these measures you DO NOT HAVE THE FINAL WIDTH OF THE SOFA: THE ARMS MUST BE ADDED.

2. The TV: the right dimensions for the distance you are going to watch it (see the right distance from tv)

3. coffe table  in front of the sofa:  the measure of this item depends of the space you must leave around it. We will see how to calculate in other advice.

4. in my case we needed  book cases: we have so many books, so we need some place to stock them, I prefer it has a door, so the dirty doesn´t come in,  but a glass door, so the bookcase don´t look so big and becomes the main piece of my living room, and with not that 20 inches depth  models  I found (my books are not that big!) This one was perfect, although it’s wrong that I say it. With the advancement of new technologies, little by little, printed books will disappear from our lives, so we will probably gain space for ourselves.

5. auxiliar furniture near the sofa: if you have a 2 sofas in L composition like me, you will need something in the corner between them, so the dimensions depends on the depth of this two sofas.

6. Hi-Fi. We have a home cinema, with all the gadgets involved, so I needed a place for the woofer, the subwoofer, the speakers, the dvd, the iPad connection to watch it on TV … I do not want to tell you how many cables it has . Thank God my husband discovered how to pass them through the walls, otherwise my room would be a tangle of wires. In another tip I will explain how he did it, in case it helps you. We spent an entire Sunday doing it. We put this piece of furniture, perfect for this.

7. Courtains. I live in Madrid, Spain, so winter is so cold an we have so many sun hours a day, courtains are something very important,  the less space occupying  items can be panel courtains, so if you have a well isolated home, maybe is the best option, you can find them on so many places,

If you have a house well insulated. Otherwise, it is necessary to place very dense curtains.

8. Iluminación. Y se hizo la luz… A no ser que tengas una inmensa y preciosa lámpara de araña de herencia que tengas que poner sí o sí, es normalmente lo último que eliges, pero es la clave que transformará tu casa en un hogar por poco dinero. Aquí tienes varias opciones.

9. Alfombra. Para mí es solo una necesidad estética. Parece que el espacio se hace más confortable con una alfombra, aquí puedes ver fantásticos diseños lisos.

Algunos de estos objetos ya los tendrás. Otros habrá que comprarlos adecuando sus medidas a lo que ya tienes y van a convivir en el mismo espacio. Y otros no los necesitarás en tu salón.


Tip 1

plano salón a mano

Tip 3