Gossip through the network I found a very cool post about how to convert a pallet in a small vertical garden, the idea seemed very cool, because it also does not take up space, here I leave the whole process:

1. Find a pallet that does not miss any table.

2. Buy anti-weed cloth, they are called geotextiles, and they are basically plastic fabrics so that water does not pass. There are many different ones.

3. soil enough to fill it.

4. Plants to fill it, calculates about 6 per floor.

First, you have to check the pallet well, if there are nails out of place, if the tables are well established, they do not say in the post but I would give some treatment to the wood , in my case of bleached finish, it will also last longer.

The second, you have to staple the geotextile fabric on the back of the pallet, in the post only say that from the back, which you will not see, I would also cover the part that goes to the ground, and you have to put 2 layers of the fabric.

Staple begins by the upper edge, and once stapled this part is stapled down, all over the outer frame and then the central part.


Once this is done, turn it over, place it close to its final place and place the top plants, which are well together, with the pallet like this, lying down.


Then fill the rest of the pallet with soil, putting enough to fit the plants in each hole (they come in minimacetas that also have dirt) in the post say 2 large bags.

And now to fill in the holes of plants, the goal is to be very variegated, in the post we say that we put 6 per hole, and that we start with those that are going to be lower.


Once we have all filled them, we must leave the pallet like this, lying down for a couple of weeks, so that everything takes root well and the earth does not fall.

After 2 weeks stands in its final place and you have to water them frequently, the bottom, as we say in the post are the most dry, so you have to meet them especially!

I’m already thinking about where to put a pallet like that, full of aromatic herbs…


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