One of the ugly things I have found in my new rental home is the kitchen valance, I never understood why this exist, yes, I know  the explanation is that they facilitate the work of the builders, to make it all straight, but they are only going to be a while there, not their whole life, like me, suffered tenant.

como tapar cenefa

Why still exist? Does it comes with gotele corn spots?  Please, the more simple and clean the better , the protagonist of my house is my family, we do not need this kind of ornaments.
Every time I entered the kitchen was like something knocking on my head …

como tapar cenefa

Well, I had to do something, and I did!

Hope this tutorial

 How to remodel kitchen inspires you

As you know in   we produce many stickers, so it was easy, I cut a few strips with the valance height  and sticked  on that fantastic seventies frieze that someone thought it was cool at some mental disorder moment. .. then I had to cut the surplus helped  with a cutting rule and a cutter.

como tapar cenefa

The only thing left for me to cover is above the fires, I dare not use it there, because vinyl is plastic, and although withstands heat can melt.

como tapar cenefa

I can buy a metal sheet aluminum to cover, but as the edge of the counter top is golden (other seventies detail), I’m not sure how it will look, too much information, gold and silver in the same place just to costume as a child, … If someone comes up  what to do at this point tell me, by now it remains as testimony to the before and after.

A lot of people who have seen this and thought about something they want to cover in their  homes easy and fast,  so we had to sell it here, already cut.

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