Introducing my daughter christmas present, a dolls cradle made by her mother, in pink  (coudn´t be in another color, even if I don´t like pink), and althaugh  she will never know I made it, as Santa brought it, I love to know I made it with my hands and see how she play with it, and check that fit many at the same time (so when it is time to order it is easy to do).


La cuna personalizada con el nombre de la muñeca preferida

Cradle customized with the dolls name

Yes, there are so many toy cradles, and I can bought already made one, but not this size, not on her favorite color, and not at this price, and whispper I made it when someone ask…

How to paint it:

For the ones that doesn´t know our trick to have a proffesional lacquered finish here you got it 

How to assemble:

The assembly instructions can be downloaded from the shop.

You can buy this wonder here, at lagoa low cost  

Happy Friday!

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