Yes, there are things in my new  rental home that are ugly , really ugly, without palliatives, not old, not seventies, just ugly, in capital letters, one of them,maybe the ugliest,  was the entrance mirror.  A huge mirror from floor to ceiling and 3 meters wide, full of besels, not only at the edge, even it has diagonal besels crossing:

 biseles en diagonal

biseles en diagonal, a quién se le pudo ocurrir

And it does not end there, is framed by a golden edge and a kind of wooden frame with stamped flowers, yes stamped, (I do not know where the hell you can get that):

Detalle florecillas y filo dorado, el pulso me tiembla

Detalle florecillas y filo dorado, el pulso me tiembla,perdonad la foto

So vynil sticker does not work here, I did not want to touch the  frame, maybe that marvel of flowery frame could be damage, and it would not disguiset those diagonal bezels
(But what fevered mind would think to put diagonally beveled mirrors?).  The same happens with wall paper, maybe the owner wants to preserve this unique flowers…

I spent several days thinking about what could be done quickly, easily, and economically, first with wooden planks painted white, but anchor them to the wall would be a hassle, so I dismissed it, did not want to drill the wall, I thought even to leave as it was and buy a huge disco ball to finish the look so anyone who cames in will freak out … the truth is that the matter had me desperate and suddenly there was light !!

polipielThere is a synthetic wonder of pure plastic called leatherette, also called eco leather, as no dead animals involved, sold by the meter at upholstery stores , it exists in various finishes, suede, patent leather, distressed leather and  with textures, imitating the crocodile, snake skin … the advantages compared to a tapestry is you do not have to sew them because they do not fray the edges, so you can cut them to size, without having to sew edges and then you can make the pieces match perfectly together with glue.

Armed with several meters of this wonder I proceeded to paste this kind of nonwoven-fabric with Velcro strips that hold everything ,closer to the ceiling as I could and leaving a few centimeters margin on both sides (that  I would cut later with a cutter), but they did not hold weight, sorry I correct, as I have a popcorn wall (another great aberrant idea of some lucid mind) could not stand the weight well. So I took an industrial stapler, from those used for upholstery and climb a ladder and stapled every 15 cm leatherette as close as I could from the ceiling …

detalle grapas

detalle grapas

After that, using a cutter I cut the surplus on the sides, the connection at the center between both parts was solved with universal glue, leaving one of the pieces to overlap each other and fix everything with masking tape (the double-sided) behind to the mirror and the frame … then I painted the staples with white acrylic paint and ready !!


We no longer see these disturbing diagonal bevels every time we go home …

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