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Mar wrote us because she wanted a world map made to measure for a glass that they have in the office, she gave us the measurements of the glass and we thought that we had to leave room for the map to breathe, we made a sketch of how it would be located in the glass, this map had to be done by pieces, given its dimensions, so we recommend that you also hire the facility with us, Et voilá !!! this is the result! Do you like it? We love it so much that I promised to give them the red flags so they can mark the places they want to go and those who have already conquered … l

This is part of the conversations and doubts that Mar had, in case you help some!

“I have a doubt, and is that the glass where the vinyl is actually made up of four crystals. If it seems right to you tomorrow I will send you the measurements of each sheet so that you take it into account. because there is no gap between them more than a slight bevelling but if you tell me how the vinyl has to be divided into parts maybe it’s okay to make it match. “


It was not necessary, that there is a bevel between the crystals no matter when cutting the map, since it fits perfectly to any irregularity, it looks good even on the gotelet walls.

“Vinyl interests us as you have budgeted, without the names of the countries, and in black. Just so you know, the crystal really is bigger than the measurements I gave you, the measurements were the maximum I wanted it to occupy so with your calculations would look great.”

“Marta we already have it! It’s been great. I send you some photos so that you can see it.

Thank you.”



Mide 3 metros de ancho, vinilo de corte

Mide 3 metros de ancho, vinilo de corte

Thanks to you Mar, with clients like you it is a pleasure !!!

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