At  lagoa.eswe test all our products, and if we remember, that not always, we take pictures of the process, so we can give you an idea to make your own designs.


proyectos diy madera

Patrón o guía a seguir para marcar los triángulos en los posavasos

Here you see the step by step of the finish of handmade triangles, we have simply used the pattern that we attach you can download to finish yours if you want to make them like these you see, the truth is that they give a lot of play, because the people join them and the triangles serve as a guide and this playful component is cool.



proyectos diy madera

Marcar con lápiz

First with the pattern drawn or printed on a piece of paper, place the wood coaster on top and mark the pencil lines on the wood.

A recommendation that I make is to use tape to delimit where the triangles end and use this to paint, that is much more perfect than mines you see here, which are made by hand, and is not the same …, but of course, everything depends on what you want.

Once you have it drawn, you just have to start painting the triangles that match with one of the chosen colors and once these are dry, paint the other triangles with the other chosen color, once dry, you just have to varnish them  to preserve your work of art …

…and release them !!

proyectos diy madera

What do you think? Doesn´t it look great?

I assure you that working with your hands serves as therapy and increases your self-esteem …

The options to finish them are endless, all different as if they were loose tiles, also look very good …

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