I don’t know about you, but for me, despite working almost everything digitally and having 2 huge screens, I always end up with a desk full of things, papers, pencils, pens, samples of materials, glasses, a cup of coffee. …, in the end it looks like a bazaar and it is always not very operational, with little visual tranquility that this causes….

If you are lucky enough to have a wall near or behind the desk, I tell you, who has a wall has a treasure!!

You have to think vertically and use that space to put what you are not using at that moment. Yes, I know, you can put a shelf, but unfortunately the shelves are too deep, and for all these objects that we need to have at hand, but outside the table we do not need more than 15cm of shelf depth.

If we have a 60 cm table deep and we add a 20cm shelf we are going to oversaturate the space, and it is going to make our small office smaller.

Thinking about this and looking at the boards with hooks to hang things in the workshop, we have given it a twist, we have made it beautiful, in wood, modular, so that you can lengthen or raise the capacity of your space in height simply by adding modules. , and you can exchange the elements as you need them… more shelves at the top, shelves with a stopper, hooks…

It even has a device to leave a hole behind and pass the cables if you want to hang a lamp, or put a strip of LED lights…, you can configure it as you want, and with its modern and simple wooden aesthetic, you can put it up to in the living room, which may be where you have your office, right?

Here you have a setting up video  :https://youtu.be/BPcLFPk2Nfk

Gain space on your desk, the peg board that you would put in the living room.

 If you want to buy it here you can

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