DIY or do it yourself, We do not get tired of encouraging you to believe your own gifts.

The diy gifts, made by you, are something made with your own hands, which says a lot about you, the love and affection that you have placed and the time you have dedicated, and it will be unforgettable for the one you are giving it to. although you may want to keep it when see the result, which usually happens!

Doing things with our own hands serves as therapy, reduces stress and improves your wit, by concentrating on a manual activity you forget everything and self-esteem rises.

We present Catalina the whale, a vase that you finish as you want, in colors, whole in white, ombre, with flowers … you just have to be careful to place the highest piece in the center and go down to the sides.

piezas de la ballena antes de montar

This vase of simple, nordic, cheerful style will be great in any corner, is designed to look like it is swimming and we just caught it when it comes to breathe and expel steam, so we recommend you fill it with artificial flowers that shoot up to pump mode.

It comes disassembled in 10 pieces of dm, five for the body and five for the tail, you have to paint as you want, stick with white carpenter’s glue (the one of crafts of all the life) and, once it is dry place where more rage tell us why we’re sure you will not give it away once it’s ready …

piezas de la ballena catalina ya pintadas

piezas de la ballena catalina ya pintadas

To paint it you can use chalk paint or acrylic paint, the dm is the materials that are best with these paintings.

Do you like it?

You can see a video of how to mount it here:



Run for yours, it would be unique

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