No one is missing the satisfaction of making a piece of furniture yourself, or at least, as in this case, paint it, customize it and see what you can do with your own hands …

¡¡¡Dare to do it yourself!!!


1. Place your furniture parts on a plastic surface leaving space enough between the pieces.hazlo tu mismo taburete

2. Make the mix of acrylic paint and water, the materials and instructions for this mix are explained here 

hazlo tu mismo lacar mueble








 3.We start lacquering our stool, with the brush or the roller well loaded and caressing the surface, for one face of each piece, it is necessary to let it dry for the next step until when touching it you do not keep your fingers stained, it takes little, normal is that you can play the first piece before you finish lacquering the last.


4. We lacquer the edgs, the pieces that stand alone on their sides, we put them on edge, the ones that do not, which are the two large ones, we will support them in one hand by placing them on their feet, and we will proceed to pass the roller, this time with little paint, until we have covered it.

The only delicate thing about this step is that you can drop paint on the other sides, as the singing is very narrow, it is normal for drops to fall on the big faces, nothing happens, the only thing to do is be careful and gently rub them with a piece of kitchen paper before they dry, as we are in the first layer, no problem.

.5. Once the edges are dry, we turn over the pieces to paint the other side of the piece of furniture, it can happen that the drops produced when painting the edges and rubbed afterwards have made this face already have a thin layer of paint, like you see in the image, if you were attentive and you rubbed the drips, it is still not a problem, it will not be noticed at all once the furniture is finished.

lacado antes y despues del primer paso

Antes y después de la primera capa

6. We now lacquer the other edges in the same way as we did with the first ones, and trying to gently rub the drops that will inevitably fall on both sides of the piece.

7.We will let dry our work, now yes, about 4 hours or what the paint manufacturer recommends us.

8.We repeat the sequence, one face, edges, one face and the other edges, and voila! You have your lacquered furniture color or colors that you like … and you can tell everyone that this cool stool you did!


Assembling the stool

hazlo tu mismo taburete

Simpler than the mechanism of a pacifier, the large pieces intersect with the small ones crosswise, and they are equalized equal, so it is impossible to make mistakes, we place one side of the stool on a flat surface and we are placing the small parts, and then we will place the other part big on the other side, you have to push a little, until you see they fit perfectly …, I jumped on top of mine, … let’s say I do not weigh a little … and it has not moved a bit, now I have it in my bedroom as a shoe remover and I smile every time I see it ….

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