This are the different materials we use to print our paints, you can choose sizes and colors at the shop to customize your home.

Coton Canvas:

materiales lienzo

This material is a cotton fabric, can be made to measure and can be mounted on a 2.5cm thick frame  or not.

On frame is already a finished product, as the drawing is continued by the edges of the frame,

If goes without frame is a rigid fabric that you can place where you want,

The finish is matte, and because it is cotton that absorbs ink,  the colors lose some intensity, but in contrast it has the appearance of a painting and not of a print.


Matt 200g paper:


This support guarantees maximum sharpness and  color reliability, we send it mounted on high quality 3mm thick foamboard or simply as a foil,

As a foil it is our standard that you can see on the tabs of all the boxes to calculate the target price.


Plastic Canvas:


This material makes the colors more intense, withstand the weather, and the finish is like a shiny plastic fabric, we send it on a 2.5cm thick frame, or without a frame.

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