We continue our search for furniture that, being useful and comfortable, has the minimum necessary measures so that it does not occupy more space than necessary, and I still can not find the furniture that really fulfills it in most cases, today we focus on the measures that you have to be careful for the

Home office table

The truth is that we spend a lot of time sitting in front of that study table, so it is very necessary to know the basic measures because if we do not take into account a lot of factors we will end up with a crooked back, a contracted neck and a headache, and we will try to avoid it.

This is all you have to take into account when setting up your home office:

The first thing to keep in mind is that in this space several things influence, the chair is as important as the desk, and it is the combination between these two that will get us really comfortable.

The perfect study chair should be adjustable both in height and inclination, since there is no perfect posture, the important thing is to be able to change it every time, so much attention at this point, if not everything you do will not matter, you will end up hurting any part of the body.

Minimum width home office table:

According to ergonomics studies, in a relaxed position and with the elbows slightly open, resting on the surface of the desk, the maximum dimension that we occupy is 76.2cm wide, so with a board of 80cm width we should have enough.

If we do not have to use at the same time a keyboard, a screen, 2 books and 2 sheets, this would be enough, but we are talking about a study table, so the larger this width is better for the student who is using it, as always here we talk about minimums, but if this table has walls on both sides, it would need to be more than 80cm wide, unless we want the user to have claustrophobia and start screaming FREEDOM the moment he seats to study a little.

As you can see in the image, the width of the useful study table should not be less than 1 meter wide, so there is space for something else, other reference books, etc.


Although every time we tend more to use less paper and more digital support, probably what is on this table will be more of a computer screen and a tablet, all connected at the same time to be able to do the work or study that is going to be done.

In that case you should calculate the width of 2 computer screens at the time (which I recommend, since I work with 2 screens work better and much faster).

If this is your case you will need at least 120cm wide to place 2 screens one of 72cm wide and another of 53cm, for example.

mesa de estudio

medidas minimas para mesa de estudio con 2 pantallas de ordenador

Minimum depth study table:

To calculate this measure you have to consider 2 things:

The amount of things we have to have on hand.

The length of the arm to reach them.

The maximum arm (according to the ergonomics tables) easily reaches any object located 8ocm away calculated from the back of the neck, so any object within this distance will be within reach.

For this, if the table is 60cm deep it would be enough, I repeat again that WE  TALK OF MINIMUM, any greater depth is welcome, although more than 85cm will mean that you have a lot of space behind the computer screen as a store of things all kinds, (which would break the order and harmony necessary to concentrate when studying).

mesa de estudio

Profundidad mínima mesa de estudio

Desk table height:

This is where almost all manufacturers fail, most desk tables have an uncomfortable height, the main thing here is assure you can cross your legs and uncross them easily, sit like an Indian and change your posture whenever you want.

To ensure a good body posture the only way is to make sure that you can change your posture easily when you want, in fact you have to change it constantly so as not to end up with your back hurting, your neck overloaded or sleeping wrists.

Avoid the models with drawers just below the envelope of the desk, it is impossible that with the usual height of the envelope (73cm) you can have your legs crossed underneath or uncross them without destroying your knees, the height of the desks you can oscillate between 73 and 76cm height and the hollow for the legs should be 60cm if you do not want to cross the legs never these 60 cm are fine, but try them someday and you already tell us, I have not suffered anything more uncomfortable than a work table under which you can not move your legs.

mesa de estudio medidas minimas

The perfect thing would be that you could have your feet resting on the floor, your elbows supported on the table, your back straight and you are able to change your legs and with it your back easily, so I recommend fervently buying a footrest to have your feet supported and elbows in relaxed position at the same time.

There are models of adjustable height, so that you adapt it to your measurements, that if you are not a person within the average is the best option, there are other very technical ones in which you can go up and down the table with a little motor to be able to work standing up, which would be great because you force yourself to change positions continuously, these options are wonderful, but for those who seek only the information to set up a simple study corner, without failing miserably in the result. Oh and if you want to see the study tables that we make at Lagoa, I’m sure you’ll find some alternative that you like!

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