As you know, at we have an entire section of furniture that we finish as you wish, or if you prefer, we give you the opportunity to finish it as you like, today we are going to show you how we transform one of our stools into a Ibiza-style furniture, we add texture as if we had whitewashed it, a rough texture, as if the furniture had been sculpted directly in white clay.

I love this white, rustic, artisan style and it is completely timeless, for those who want to give a special touch to a piece of furniture.

To achieve the finish we have mixed cement glue with white carpenter’s glue diluted in water, that is the trick, you can apply it to whatever comes to mind, always in thin layers, I have applied it with a silicone spatula, in several layers, then I have lightly sanded it and to make it even whiter I have painted it white (this step was probably unnecessary) then I have varnished it, because my idea is that it is for a bathroom, to leave the towel or the clothes while you shower.

I leave you the video with the step by step


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