Do you love a drawing made by you and want to turn it into a sticker?

Here we do it!

And as an example I show you the latest addition to the lagoa collection, a pirate skulls wallpaper!
The drawing my son did last summer, with 5 years old, I put them to paint stones my children love and I was very focused doing it, I wanted to draw a pirate skull and a cross to mark the treasure.

The truth is that I liked it so much how it had been that I quickly thought of making it part of the collection.

I love children’s strokes, made with a thick marker and almost in a single flat color, they have something that I can not do anymore, something special that you lose when growing up, right?Therefore, if you have a drawing that you want to turn into a wallpaper, or a large vinyl, to fully customize your decoration, now you can!

You just have to send us the file in jpeg and we transform it so that it becomes a wallpaper, a mural or whatever you prefer.

calaveras para decorar paredes o cualquier otra superficie limpia. decoracion casas pequeñas, decorating small appartments

You just have to make sure that the image you send us is clear, for example in black and white and keep in mind that The minimum line thickness that we will then cut must be 3 millimeters, so the drawings can not be too detailed.

The measurement of the final vinyl should not exceed 80x80cm, but if you want other measures, tell us. Do you dare?Just send us an email with your needs.

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