What is it:

The stickers of Lagoa are made in vinyl,  this material consist on a self-adhesive plastic layer of a very small thickness. There are many different colors for wallpapers, murals, and all kinds of strong and resistant stickers, can be made in gloss or matte finish, we always use the matte finish unless you ask us otherwise.

What is it for:


Ejemplo de corte

The characteristics of the vinyl make  possible to cut through a special machine any vectorized drawing, quickly, remove the surplus material and put a translucent transporter-protector on top to be able to place it wherever we want with a perfect finish and a clean cut.


Aunque no es aconsejable (por el cemento) nuestros stickers de vinilo pega sobre ladrillo, este en concreto lleva a la intemperie 3 años sin inmutarse)

¡Pega incluso sobre ladrillo!

It can be placed on almost any clean and dry surface, even on gotelet (The only step that we have to add is once placed the  and removed the transparent paper, to go over the vinyl with a  hand dryer pressing it with a cloth so that it adheres to the relief ) And also outdoors.


Vinyl stickers allow you to correct errors at the time of placement (if you do not press the installation much until you are sure that is where and how you want to put it) and are easy to remove whenever you want.



How to set:

stickers Retirar protector

Retirar protector

To place the stickers you have to follow a few simple steps:

  1. It is necessary to rub the transporter, so that you make sure that when you remove the “white” part on which the vinyl is attached, it stays joyned to thetransporter (translucent), you can do it with a spatula, a DNI or a plastic card insisting on the smaller areas.. Then we put the vinyl with both protectors and we fast it with  tape until finding the ideal position in the wall. Remove the white protector from the sticker little by little from the top and center and rub gently and slowly with the spatula to adhere to its final place, we will go over everything rubbing with more force and finally remove the translucent protector little by little and ready.


If you want photos with the step by step of an installation here you have one of how it is done look  here.

If you want to see all the vinyl products we make at lagoa, you can see them here and customize your decoration.

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