Perfect gift for elegant dandies with no space for leaving propperly his belongings.

Here you have space for everything, the suit jacket, tie, belt, mobile, trouser,a scarf, a hand bag…., with 2 extra hooks and a hanger, and it doesn´t ocuppy space.

Choose a corner an improve a dresser room for dady, this means 5 minutes more sleeping each morning.



regalos padre

Composed by 5 pieces, one for the trousers, the other one is for a scarf,a tie,  a bag, the phone, wallet, with 2 extra hooks for the jacket and the shirt, everything has its space

el galán que puede con todo

We sell it raw so you finish as you like, customize it and make a great present for daddy that mama will love (no excuses for leaving a mess around).

Or ask us to finish it for you (only white).

It is sended unassembled, but assembly is easier than a 2years ols puzzle.

Dare to do your own proyect?


cloth stand

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