Another great gift for DIY lovers , an sculpture for leaving all your jewels in order, hope you like it:

Dare to finish by yourself this holder with lots of hooks (26 exactly) you can put as you like, it is perfect for having your neckless an other jewels in order, or maybe your keys, or whatever you like to hold, even empty it looks nice.

This is part of our DIY collection, nice products you finish as you like.


diy expositor de collares de madera escultural

diy expositor de collares de madera escultural

The hooks have different measures and can be assembled looking up, to the left or to the right, so it can look really messy or completely clean an in order.


orden expositor de llaves

It can be mounted on the wall horizontally or vertically, its up to you.

orden expositor de joyas diy

Where you can buy this wonder?

You know it, here.

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