This is the first of a series of tips on how to decorate small houses that I hope are useful to you, in fact they are a series of logical, very rational guidelines, that you have to think, when you are projecting your house.

I love white and almost empty spaces, for me the real luxury is to move with comfort, less objects means better interiors.

When it comes to distributing and decorating a space, think about the empty space that you are going to leave, it is the one you are going to use, the protagonist of this story, and not your furniture.


Then choose the dimensions of your furniture with this objective in mind : Leaving  empty space means more space for you, it does not matter if you have a large or small house.

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To choose the right pieces, think about the functions that these furniture have to fulfill and look for those with smaller dimensions that cover them.

For example, a dining chair, there are thousands of models, but with the seat is about 45 cm wide by about 45 cm deep reaches so that most of us humans sit comfortably on top.

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Another thing is if you have special needs, as if you have a very large or very small size, for example, I met a girl who needed 2 chairs to be able to sit and a couple that he was 2.1 meters tall and she was 1.50 meters tall. . They each had their washbasin adapted to their measurements, as yes of course, they could share the same, but either by crouching a lot or by climbing a step, that is to say that neither of them would be comfortable, so they installed two washbasins at different heights, but this is not usual.

One of my biggest frustrations when I started to furnish my house was to realize that everything I found was very big. It seemed that any piece ‘ate’ space, I could not find a good showcase with a suitable background for my books and other objects. none dropped 50 cm, that is, I had 15 or 20 cm left over. Lost space uselessly. The TV, although it was flat, needed a piece of furniture but, once again, if it looked for a piece of furniture, it was 60 cm deep. In this way, it was practically another square meter that lost.


I never thought that a room of 22 square meters would give so little if I put the furniture that I liked.


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