Unfortunately the Covit-19 has made us have to work from home, the good thing about this is that many companies have discovered that their employees can work from home, and work at home is here to stay.

Now is the time to consider how we are going to implement it, not all of us have an office at home, rather it is usually a corner, the dining room table, the kitchen table …,

There is a real  problem of lack of space in most homes. This temporary solution makes us have the dining room table, the living room or the kitchen occupied with the things of the office, bringing the feeling of disorder, having to vacate the area to eat, or play something, or simply the feeling of Do not disconnect at any time.

 If you also do not have the right chair and you are using whatever you have at home, and the table is not the right height, you will already have back pain, am I wrong? …  And the need to set up a kind of set, or at least have the living room, kitchen or space that is perfectly ordered by what they will see in the multiple conference calls, Video calls, Homeschooling …….

Don’t you think that the time has come to solve it?

Regarding back problems, I recommend that you read this post in which we explain what are the minimum functional measures for a WORK AT HOME space. And I highly recommend that you invest in a good office chair, it is the most important thing, this and changing positions frequently will be the ones that really get your back to not suffer.

For the space problem, the need for order and the need to disconnect, we can help, these are the legs of the small desk that we make so that you can assemble the coolest work table on the market and not occupy the table of the dinning room :

trabajo en casa patas mesa escritorio pequeño

The minimum board that you can put on them is 68x50cm, but if you have read the post of minimum recommended measures for a desk you will see that we recommend a larger size to be comfortable.

 For those who have to set up the telework space in the living room, the biggest problem is that you can never disconnect, since you are always in the same space, if you are watching TV, you are dining quietly, or you pick up the office or the you are going to be watching continuously, for those we have created Oculto, the desktop envelope that simply by lowering the cover you have left the office, you forget !!!

You can add the legs you want, or put it on the dining room table (it will not have the same effect as if you set up a separate table, but it is quite similar). You can mount the table taking advantage of the back of a sofa, now remember that the minimum depth of a work table should be 50cm, it would not be worth a narrow sideboard as a work table, believe me, I have tried.

You can add any of our legs, but I think the best would be our chicken legs:

And so you will have a design table, discreet but original. and best of all, the exact size you need.

There is another problem that has been presented to us during this stage, and it is the need to have a good background behind for all videoconferences, a background that seems tidy, in which people do not appear behind in pajamas, for those who do not have a room exclusively as an office, this has been a problem, although we have all learned to be more tolerant with the appearance of children in videoconferences, the mess behind cannot be tolerated too much.

It is like being in a constant photocall.

We believe that with a folding screen, that you can remove when you are not in the office, you could solve it, we print them with our false wallpapers, or you can send us what you want to print and we will do it for you.

And if you want a more permanent solution, our hollow bookcases, which you can widen or shrink as you wish, are a perfect solution.

At the shop  we have many solutions so that you can take advantage of your space, all our furniture is designed so that the air is what takes up the most in your home, and you can have your living room to be able to dance if you feel like it.

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