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Decorating Small Appartments:

 is a decorationg blog focused on solutions for small homes, we post interesting content trying to help out with solutions for your small, or not that small, house to become your home, because this is our main intention,(and the one for all the products we manufacture at to procure you a living room where you can dance if you want to. 


ingenious designsproductos well thinked designs and products that help us saving space or make our environment friendly.


small spaces:  basic, simple and logic tricks for the ones who are starting to decore their homes.

DIY: lots of ideas and suggestions to make by yourself, from how to finish your furniture, stick our stickers,make a vertical garden, make a photo transfer,or make a crayola canvas……


Lagoa, recupera tu espacio

Mi name is Marta Vázquez, I am industrial designer,  I set up the brand Lagoa, Recupera tu espacio  seven years ago.

Our philosophy is very simple and it is resumed in one phrase:

Why do you have to loose space?

We are concerned about making furniture that doesn´t ocuppy more space than needed,  we didn´t find anywhere well thinked furniture in this aspect, and when meters scarce, every bad used inch counts,even if you have a big house. Do you need a big depth cabinet? 

It seem to us that from Le Corbusier  and his study about human dimmensions nobody thought that the real luxury is to have space for you, not for your furniture, the more you have , the better your life quality would be.
With this philosophy Essentials by Lagoa was our first collection, simple,modern furniture, with the right dimensions and at the right price.To avoid feeling like playing tetris each time we make a search for our home.

We also design  original gifts, different,that make us smile and with the same philosophy, those capricces  you have to give yourself or someone else to be remembered with an smile.
 By now we have more than 150 refference, you can buy trhough our shop,  at fancy, and  at dawanda.
We work from Madrid,Spain, and all our production is european.

Hope you like what you see!!!

If you want to contact, my mail is:

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Our philosophy

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