The work of this three designers is a direct response to envionmental problems,their designs try to give a second life to pet bottles, dearching for new ways of recycling, but this jewels are not beautiful just because of this, with their precious aesthetic this jewels try to make us think that not only product is important, the whole process must be nice too.

Gülnur Özdağlar  is an architect  that has been producing since  2008  bowls, jewelry and decoration accesories working from pet bottles that she heats,cut,melt and drill holes to create fabulous jewels like this:

Michelle Brand  is an eco-designer from Manchester, England, that has become famous with her pet curtains and lamps:



And Mana Bernardes  from Brazil makes jewels from pet bottles, coffe plastic teaspoons, lemon nets:



Wonderful isn´t it?

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