We announce the arrival of a new member to the family of outdoor furniture of www.lagoa.es, we called it Gandul, wich means idle

It comes to partner the dormilona nap lounger, for those who do not want to lie in the garden but to sit and laze.

puf gamer decoracion de exterior perfecto para holgazanear

Its open-weave fabric and the polystyrene ball filling make it possible that it does not have to be cared for at all, there is no need to protect it from the sun, or from water or anything, if it gets dirty, spread it with a hose and voila, if you leave it in the sun for 5 minutes it will be completely dry and ready to use again, therefore, because it does not have to be cleaned it is very useful also in teenage rooms, as puff gamer, they can eat even pizza on top without fear of stains, spread with a hose and ready!.

You can buy only the cover or the cover and the filling, so we save you double the cost of shipping the filling, since due to its volume, it is very expensive, and we want to add value, not increase the cost unnecessarily … You already have it in the web, next to the nap lounger

Gandul  will make you enjoy your garden or terrace like millionaires

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