With a few easy steps we are going to see how to renovate wood chairs that I found on wallapop.

This chairs came from a pans&company restaurant that has closed, It seems that they are solid wood, and where really cheap,a nice and simple design made on good wood, I like  the most that they dont exceed the table height, so the dinning room would look airy, more visual space for me.

The truth is that they were pretty spoiled in the corners, but for the price they had decided to try,¡¡13€ each chair was an opportunity !!!

Look how it looked before:diy sillas recuperadas con chalk paintSome were red and others yellow, but with a very soft tint, which revealed the grain, and weighed almost nothing.

The part of the seat had quite nicked the corners, so before painting them had to be restored with wood putty: Just put the putty in the areas that are damaged, filling the gaps and trying to make it as smooth as possible. Once the material has dried, it should be sanded gently so that it takes the shape of the chair and does not show.


I painted them with chalk paint, which is the perfect paint for not sanding or preparing the wood, as it perfectly grabs onto any surface, even if it is varnished.

To get the smoothest finish possible: I always disolve  the chalk paint with 1/4 part of water for every 3/4 parts of paint (approximately), you have to shake it well to mix it.

It must be applied with a roller, so there will be no brushstrokes of any kind.

It is important to let it dry between one layer and another of paint, because if you do not you run the risk of dragging the previous layer of paint.

If you do not want the finish to be smooth, apply 2 hands of undiluted chalk paint and it will arrive perfectly. If you want the finish to be as smooth as possible, I recommend 4 layers of chalk paint.

Once this step is finished we only need to varnish, I usually use a colorless matte varnish with water base for all our projects, and the truth is that it remains of cinema!

In my dining room they have been perfect, I painted 4 in white and 2 in gray, for giving it a little movement, and you do not know how much visual space I have gained!



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