These Christmas pines are perfect for decorating the fireplace or on a dresser, colorful, rustic because they are rope and easy to make, this idea takes up more space than our trees in sticker, the printed on banderole or wood, which You can also customize as you want, but they are perfect to place on a fireplace, or on a dresser.

This Christmas tree is made of rope and crochet

In addition to your crochet and your ball of string, you will need acrylic paint, or white glue diluted with water, to get the tree to stiffen and remain standing.

How to make a homemade Christmas tree

If you know how to make crochet increases and decreases , this Christmas tree can not be simpler to do, make a circle of chains in any number multiple of 6, from there you go increasing until you have the maximum diameter you want for this pine, starting from there you start to make decreases every 3 laps, and always in multiples of 6 until you close the tree crown completely, if you make the decreases every more time your tree will be taller and pointy, it is up to your taste.

When you have finished, you just have to hang it upside down and give it several layers of acrylic paint or glue diluted in water,so the pine gets stiffened, except at the base,  leave it unstained, so it is more stable.


Once it is dry, turn it over and ready to decorate any corner.

Easy truth?

arbol navidad diy

I do not know how many people have wanted to buy them to see them, but I would not know what price to put them so you are free to do them!

Happy Holidays to all!!

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