The bathroom is, and increasingly, one of the smallest rooms in the house, and that is not very understandable, I would sacrifice part of the bedrooms for having a larger bathroom with natural light, a bedroom where the bed fits would be enough, but in the bathroom, we dolots of  things in the bathroom, at least women need all kinds of tools, creams, mirror to see us, hairdryer ….It is the worst of all the rooms in the house, the smallest one, the one that does not have natural light … and they place a bidet to see if we can lose more space.

In my grandmother’s house there is a spectacular bathroom, it is the size of a living room, with a free iron bathtub, a window through which all the light of the world comes in, so much so that it can be painted black and has a lot of healthy plants on a wardrobe, it is my dream bathroom, but let’s go down to our little real world, where we live with small bathrooms, without natural light and badly designed in most of the occasions.

most of the solutions to expand this available space that work really go through a reform, yes, sorry, there is no better solution, I would personally get rid of the bidet, which in my house is used to leave clothes, and without doubt,I would change the bathtub for a shower, the amount of space you save is tremendous, both visually, the space will seem larger, and at the functional level, the space that does not occupy the shower can be given to a piece of furniture from floor to ceiling where to store all the tools, creams, equipment, everything you need to have at hand in the bathroom.

There are precious shower trays, with finishes that imitate wood, stone, or that are completely smooth, in Conduchayou have them in all colors, they have the best range and at a spectacular price.

Ahh yes I could, but my house is for rent, and I really would have to do a complete bathroom reform, changing from bathtub to shower plate would not be enough, the tiles are tremendous.

Another trick to keep gaining space is to use the top of the bathroom, placing shelves on the door, ie more than 2 meters above the ground:

We have taken advantage of the space above the cistern by placing one of the lagoa roll holders, which looks like a painting.

And to give that order ans space sensation that you are looking for, buy transparent containers of different sizes, to have all your belongings in order.

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