Our houses should be a place of comfort, where we can relax and be ourselves. A house does not have to be perfect, nor be decorated to impress, you just have to transmit your personality, be like yourself.

Although there are many times that you like a space, that you think is beautiful, that does not mean that you feel comfortable in it, like a great hotel room, that you love, but you could not call home, or a perfectly lit restaurant with dim light, that you would love to have in your living room, but you need more light to live.

To create a beautiful space you can get ideas from magazines and it will look great, but how can you make the space you decorate completely yours?

And, in decoration, ladies and gentlemen there are 2 parts, one is functional and the other, equally or more important:

is to give your house a SOUL, with capital letters.

casa con alma

Most people can not decorate a whole house at once, you have to think very carefully about what you invest  in, because:

1 your budget is limited.

2  you prefer to wait for sales.

2  have inherited pieces.

Sincerely, I like more the houses made slowly, choosing little by little, cooked on low heat, not mounted at once, and enjoying each find, although you can always do this if you set the bases well.

Unless you hire an interior designer who hunts your desires quickly and you can do it quickly and well, even if you enrich it little by little, the only way to do it over time is by making a clear and flexible plan that can be adapt to the initial idea, even if it is not exactly the same and you adapt it, either because you find something you love or because you will not find what you were looking for.

This planning has 2 parts: The pure and hard functional part and the subjective or emotional part.

To do the first part, the functional part you have all these tips that I recommend you read in order:

Tip 1 Empty space

Tip 2  Essential List

Tip 3 your game board

Tip 4 cómo hacer bien el plano

Tip 5 La distribución

Tip 6 Distance from TV

Tip 7 minimum measures for a dinig table


With all this in mind and especially with the scale map without which you can not leave the house anymore … (I recommend taking it on the mobile in photo mode), we will go to the next part, to the subjective part:

How we endow your house with soul, and first things first:

Inspiration: look for something that will serve as a starting point, a cushion, a print, a photo of a magazine, that reminds you of how you want that space to be, and it is not worth just choosing a color palette, it is more than that, it tells us about the style we want to give, so each purchase or decision we make will be coherent and will follow the same objective and finally the result will be very similar to what you are looking for and will make you happy.

The sensations: If you have a very specific style, congratulations, it will be clearer to begin with, but even if you do not have a very defined style you can also decorate it and it will look good, if you know what sensations you want the room to transmit:

You just have to ask yourself how you want it to be: comfortable, cheerful, elegant, energetic, timeless, masterful, casual, playful, eclectic, feminine, Mediterranean?

Even so, it is often easier to know what you do not want, so you can make a list of things you hate and from there by elimination or opposition define what you do want.

For example, in my case I hate gold, in all its versions, whether coppery, matt, glossy, smooth or satin, it makes me think of misunderstood luxury, glitter, ostentation and glamor and excesses, the false, the epatar, the bourgeoisie exposing their possessions in a showcase …

The gold is very characteristic of the art deco and the Hollywood regency, so in my decorations I would never enter, instead I love silver, if I have to add shiny objects to a space I would add silver, no doubt, but this is very personal, and now gold and copper are very fashionable, so someone may love it, and all the options are correct, there is nothing written about tastes.

…. Never limit yourself by predefined styles, they do not work except to create a scenario, the style is personal so make yours, it should reflect what you are looking for and what you want.



One advice I would give you is that you do not buy a combined set of dining table, lounge table or anything else, it is better that they go in the same line, but that they do not match, and if there is any piece that breaks everything It will add interest.

There is nothing wrong in terms of style, do not be afraid that it is impossible to screw up, if the space fulfills the functions for which you designed it (and you have not put furniture that takes more than necessary), if the space transmits the sensations that you wanted to transmit and reflects your personality, it will be fine.

In a few words, if it is good for you it will be good for everyone, because karma is transmitted, and if you are happy, your house will be, and vice-versa …, and yes, houses have karma and soul, do not hesitate..

casa con alma

Nuestras casas deberían ser un lugar de confort, donde podamos relajarnos y ser nosotros mismos. Una casa no tiene porqué ser perfecta, ni estar decorada para impresionar, sólo tiene que transmitir tu personalidad.

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