Wood furniture with metallic finish are bold, no too much people dare with them, but if you use them in a moderated way, they will give your decor personality, the can renovate completely your space, we propose you do it by yourself Ready?

What you need

– sandpaper 220 (if the furniture is raw you dont need it)

– Dry cloth.

– alcoholic base for paint.

– Brush.

– Metallic Spray Paint, the pros of spray paint over traditional brush paint are various, it covers more,doesn´t leave brush strokes, dries quickly, last longer and it can be used almost on any surface, it is quck and easy to work with and stain less, the cons are that it is more expensive, it has less color options, you must use it in an open well ventilated place, smells so much and it doesnt work well when it is cold.

– Optional (but very useful)  buy a handle to manipulate the spray instead of using your own finger to press, specially if you are going to paint a big furniture.

– latex based poliuretane.


1. Clean the furniture



Sand with sandpaper the  surface,then clean with dry cloth, if it is a raw furniture just clean it with the cloth to remove dust.





2. Prime

With a brush apply  your alcohol based prime, sometimes they call this  prime shellac. Dont worry about the color, a white  base can be perfect.





3. Lacquering


3.lacamos con spray

 In a well ventilated place

Shake your spray paint to mix a few minutes, the first spray normally spatters, so do it far from the piece you want to paint.

Apply on your furniture starting on the upper side and with constant horizontal movements one way and back, just a thin print layer, keep the spray can 15 cm from the thing you want to paint and keep it in movement for avoid giving too much  paint that will leave drops on your furniture, a good iddea is to put the object on a cardboard and turn it without touching your furniture.t

Keep on doing this until you cover all the wood surface, normally you must apply 2 or 3 print layes, leaving time to dry between each layer, otherwise bubbles will appear.f y

 Paint over your metallic dry paint a transparent high shine poliuretane based latex, to protect and give shine to your metallic paint, if you are painting small pieces you can skip this.P


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