How many times did you thought how easy your life would be if you have everything in order?

By hand but out of sight,classified and in it´s place, well, here it comes with our perfect boxes to help.

Perfect yes, because you choose the measures to fit the space you already have, because the small ones are stackable and you can customize them to look how you like.

Our small boxes, regular boxes or big boxes can  be adapted to any situation, they have an smile shape hanger and we sell them unassembled, to make it cheaper for you, just need wood glue to assemble.

montaje cajas

You can finish them as you like, with chalk paint, acrylic,spray paint, write outside the box the content, endless posibilities to adapt to your own style and keep everything in order with charm.

Here we show you samples of 2 different sizes, the small one is sended 3 by 3, and the big one 1 by 1, depending on the wood (mdf) consume we make with your perfect boxes you can take more or less units, you can ask for any measures combination for your boxes and we calculate how many can be done for your proyect and finally have everything in order!

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