For really 4 dollars  I want to share this playhouse,  made with shower curtains an IKEA cable to hang , foam sheets  and  a permanent marker.

The idea can be adapted to the space you have, any corner is valid, or even half room so they can have the playhouse of your dreams …


Steel Cable well anchored to the wall .

White shower curtains, or the color you want  your playhouse to be. You can add another color curtain for the roof. (Which is ultimately what I did)

For window 2 foam sheets the same color, if we put more windows, buy more foam sheets.

The contents of the house, the one you want, ours  have light, a kitchenette, a box that serves as a table and several cushions …  the possibilities are endless!

Step 1.

We put the cable side by side, well anchored in the wall, it would also be a curtain rod.

casita jugar


Step 2.

Extend the curtain or curtains with which we will build the house, to mark  with a pencil where we will put the door, if you going to do with 2 curtains is very useful to put half of the door in one and half on the other curtain, so the door is centered. Now cut it!

casa diy hecha con cortinas de la ducha

Step 3.

With a permanent marker paint the tiles of the house, it is not important that they are perfect, but if you want you can make a template.

pintamos el tejado de la casita


Step 4 .

We mark the window frame placing together the two pieces of foam so that the cut is the same, a piece  will go on the front of the playhouse  and the other from behind the curtain, so it is important to be equal. I advise that you make your window small enough so that children cant  fit through it, because if you do not they tend to hang and break it, in my second version I put bars, so it still is a window, but you can not hang from it.



.Step 5.

We cut the window opening in the curtain, first we draw with a pencil the hole we made on the foam sheets and then will cut OUTSIDE that line, at the end you will not see, this way we make the foam  front and rear touching each other and we can stick together.

Step casa de juegos

Now we stick with white wood glue the window frame inside the playhose, trying to leave some foam inside the window opening.

And then we sick the same way the outside part of the window and press, this way you are sticking the window frame to the walls and the outside and inside window frame parts.

You not even have to wait for it to dry, because it weighs so little that you can and hang it, it is ready for the last step










.Hang it!

casa de juguete diy

Here you have the first version, in which the door was painted, at the end I had to make 2 times, I made some mistakes in the first:

I sewed curtains at the top and not cut out hole for the door so broke, it is important that the door is hollow, and not have to pull the curtain sideways to get into the house …

And the window I made hollow, had no sbars, so the second thing the children did was hang of that window, so also broke out there …

But now they have great times!

In the second version, the one you see at the beginning of the post I cut the door and glued uneven pieces of foam sheet the same color as the window, as if they were stones, with those 2 changes it remains without breaking, and have used children up to 8 years !!!

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