Now that vintage furniture are trendy We did not stop receiving queries about on how to get this finish,  aged wood is the latest trend, the furniture with the appearance of having history behind to tell, a past, with personality, are perfect in an industrial, vintage or rustic style, everything depends on the final tone you give to the finish.

Aged wood gives a lot of personality to the furniture, but getting it is expensive, since it can only be done in a handmade way, but it is a manual job that you can easily get at home, you will only need time.

And let me tell you that it does not even take a long time continuous, it takes time to let the furniture rest between finish and finish.

We are going to show you how we get old wood for the table top, so you are inspired to do it, it is easy, fun, raise your self-esteem and save a lot of money.

There are different ways to get it, with judea bitumen, with 2 shades of paint, the one we offer is the one that we found the best to do at home.



  1. Wood can be even pine, the question is that it has a grain.
  2. Foam brush (very important, it is the real key that everything goes well and with a professional finish).

    teñir madera diy

    clave para teñir madera, la brocha de espuma

  3.  Water dye for wood, In this case we used 2 different, one very dark and one more orange, if you want it to have a very marked finish do not use the second dye.


    tinte al agua

  4.  Water, to decrease dyes intensity, and this is another key to getting wood aged, the proportion of water you add to the dye will be determinate for you to get what you need.
  5. To mistreat wood old sock and nails, nuts bolts, (I needed several socks), hammers ..
  6. .Fine grain sander (optional, if you give the dye well, and you use a foam brush you will not need it).
  7. Water based varnish Colorless satin or matte, actually the best thing to get this finish would be to wax the table, the finish is completely matte, but since it was a children’s dining table, the use was going to be intensive, so the wax was not a good option, it would have to be given periodically…
  8. Old clothes and gloves for you.

Step 1: Clean the wood thoroughly with a damp cloth.

Step 2: If you want to age the wood, the first thing to do is mistreat it, this is achieved by putting small pieces of metal in an old sock and hit the whole surface, you must protect your hand as each blow that will give you rebound to you in the hand, emphasize the edges, the degree of antiquity that you want to give will depend on the time you dedicate to mistreat the wood, this will leave small marks of the passage of time, you can also hit it with a hammer, use gouges yo scratch, this part will serve to relieve stress, for sure!

Step 3: Use a dark water based dye for wood (it can be made with bitumen of judea, but it is a derivative of petroleum, for which I discard it)  I concretely used the walnut color of promade, But mixed with a lot of water, and here is one of the keys, the proportion of water that you use, I measure it by caps 1 cap of dye and 4 of water is exactly the proportion that I used in this case, but each one must find the his.

Step 4: Start to give the diluted dye with the foam brush, in the direction of the grain, trying not to press and do it coming from side to side of the piece, do not pause in the middle, since it can leave a darker area.

madera antigua

Step 5: Once it is dry you will have to sand the wood, this way you will get the dye only in the vein, if you have done well the previous step this step will not be necessary, although to be perfect is always better to give a sanding, not to remove part of the dye, to give the wood an impeccable and professional finish. 

If you want to give it a warmer tone,  more natural you now proceed to step 6, if you like this contrast between the white and marked vein you have already achieved, you can skip step 6

Paso 6: To give it a natural tone we proceed to use another dyeof the same brand in this case we use specifically the color cherry, but super lowered (10 caps of water for each cap of dye) again, from the proportion of water will depend the final tone, so you decide, keep in mind that when varnishing will raise the pitch as if it was wet, so be very careful with this step.

marcar la veta en la madera

Antes y después del paso 6 de envejecer madera

Step 7: Once dry, we proceed to varnish or wax the wood, if it is water based varnish you can use again the foam brush or a foam roller, which is once again the key to be very smooth and you save the final sanding, you have to give 2 or 3 layers and let dry between layer and layer. If you decide to wax, you will have a completely matte finish, which is what is best for this type of aged wood, but you will have to repeat the waxing over the years, you decide.

As soon as they send me photos of the table and the mounted benches I publish in this post, stay tuned !!

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acabado madera





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