Every time I look for furniture with the appropriate measures I can not find it in stores, I swear I do not understand it, there are THOUSANDS of anthropometric studies to size furniture, the dining table with minimal but useful measures for 4 people DOES NOT EXIST, If someone finds it, please PLEASE TELL US, I will not hesitate to announce it with a hype!

For those who want to know what are these minimum measures for table goes this post:

.medidas mínimas para mesa comedor apartamento

The width that a diner occupies must be 60cm (minimum) considering that a normal dining chair is 45cm wide, with this width most of the humans who have been taught not to separate the elbows as if we were to fly when we eat, we can eat in harmony near someone (this width is calculated to make comfortable a man 193cm high, which is assumed a shoulder width of 52.6cm).

Seated we occupy as much (from the end of the thigh to the back of the back) 67cm (again, measured for a very tall guy of 193cm).

And the torso + head upright (as your mother taught you that you should sit down to eat) 23cm.

The area of the dish + glass and cutlery can occupy whatever you want, but as we are talking about minimums and a conventional dish is 22 cm in diameter with 35 cm deep you have plenty of space (it is the usual measure of an individual tablecloth if  you want to get an idea). And as for the width, it is limited by those 60cm that we occupy of maximum width.


The minimum measures for dining table for very large 4 people (you never know who will come to eat), with what I just explained would look like this:

.medidas mínimas para mesa de comedor piso pequeño

They have to be faced two by two, any other placement of diners will make you lose space, except the online layout, which actually occupies less but is strange if you invite someone to eat at your house, I would say it would be perfect for a kitchen table or a bar, but normally when you invite someone to eat you want to see the face of front, not sideways …,


medidas mínimas para mesa,Disposición en línea

Disposición en línea



medidas mínimas para mesa,Disposición en cruz, ocupa más espacio

Disposición en cruz, ocupa más espacio

The other possible arrangement of the diners is in cross, either with a rectangular or circular table will make us lose space, especially when we think of the free space that must be left around the table to be able to rise without having to move (unfortunately the houses have Walls and, or leave room to rise, or move all the diners to get up or you must move the walls ….)










And the minimum space, which must be left around the table to get up comfortably without having to pull partitions or make our guests have to move is 76cm, wactch out, it is the minimum, it would be advisable, but we are talking about minimums.

medidas mínimas para mesa, mesa de comedor espacio alrededor mínimo

espacio mínimo que hay que dejar alrededor de la mesa para poder levantarnos con comodidad sin molestar a nadie.


Note: it is advisable to leave some space between a diner and the one in front, the ideal would be 20-45cm, but as we speak of minimum we do not leave. Therefore the dining table of minimum measures but functional and useful would have 70x120cm, please if you find it, we are serious, it does not exist in the market.

At  www.lagoa.es  we manufacture it, here you can see the model, as always, customizable in size, finish …, the example you have is for 6 people.

comprar mesa






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