Kris wrote us telling us that she wanted to put a dining table for 6-8 people in her living room and she was unsure whether to put it round or rectangular and what should be the dining table measures for her house:

“Hello, Marta.

I loved your post about the minimum measures of a table for 4 people.
I write to you to take me out of a doubt in my dining room I would like to put a table of 6 chairs I do not know if circular or rectangular and that it is extendible for 2 more people.
Thanks for your attention.

Pdt. I send you the plans. “

Kris let us publish here both the layout of her living room and the options that come to mind:

decoracion casas pequeñas medidas para mesa de comedor

plano salón

 The first solution I can think of is to demolish the partition of the kitchen and create a diaphanous space that joins the living room with the kitchen, which is also narrow and would place the table near the kitchen, but I do not know if Kris wants this, without knocking down partitions we have these options:
Knowing that the minimum dining table measures per diner are 60cm wide, and that from the edge of the table to any obstacle we must leave a minimum of 76cm of space (when the table is in use, we can always move it when not We are using it …)
If the table is rectangular we will have something like this:

medidas para mesa de comedor 6 personas

The measures for dining table of 6 minimum diners would be 190x75cm.

It could be extended to 85 cm wide, since we have a passage space of 93 cm, and we would expand with a 60 cm module when we want to be 8 diners, placed in this position, still being a bit tight space, as we would occupy about 15 cm from the part of the living room, it would be possible to have 8 people sitting eating, considering also that we probably put the table closer to the walls and several guests could not get up in comfort (I suggest Kris that you sit there to avoid being the one that rises to the kitchen several times :)) without having more importance ….

We have also tried a circular table, which as you will see, takes up much more space, and the diners closest to the wall could not move comfortably:

medidas para mesa de comedor

The appropriate measurement for this table would be 170cm in diameter and as you can see, even sticking to the wall and leaving 3 people without movement, we would leave 42cm of passage behind a diner, which is very small (at least 70cm) and right by the place by which we are going to leave and enter the kitchen.

The problem with this type of tables is that we leave a lot of space “unused” in the center, so we lose space for us, in its favor I will say that it facilitates much communication of the diners, but if our dining room is small, we should discard it as an option.

If we want to seat 8 people would have to add a module of 60 cm turning the table into oval:


decoracion casas pequeñas medidas para mesa de comedor

It seems to me that the best option, if we can not demolish the  kitchen partition, would be the rectangular table and you?
Kris, I hope I’ve helped you !!
And if you want to see the tables we make, you can see them here:comprar mesa