DIY Perfect Ombre Painted Furniture Tutorial

By |May 6th, 2017|

We are going to teach you how to get a gradient with paint on wood, specifically on a lamp of our DIY collection of furniture and decoration, when you see how easy it is you are going to encourage them to make it for sure!

This project was proposed by handbox and we are delighted […]

DIY Plants without flowers no watering needed

By |March 9th, 2017|

Are you one of those who love plants but they die? Would you like to have evergreen plants even if you forget to take care of them?

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Handcrafted Furniture Colleen and Eric

By |February 10th, 2017|

This couple of New York designers, think,develope and manufacturate all their furniture, they create completely personalized pieces with a handcrafted high standard  finish, yes theyre is another way of working products, out of mass production, working with love and attention to details, producingin a small scale.

They have been working toguether more than 10 years, […]

DIY,How to renovate an ugly wardrobe without paint

By |February 1st, 2017|

As I have said sometime, one of the problems in my rental house is the lack of light, I do not know if I have plant complex and I wither without light, but I find it essential to be in a good mood. One of the things that obscures the most is the interior carpentry, they needed an immediate wash, and with this DIY I intend to show you what I did, I am delighted with the result.

So one of the first things I thought of was how to get rid of the doors in this closet, made of oak-finished melamine (a reddish brown) and bevelled in dull, seventy golden bevels, let’s say for being indulgent.

Well the problem again is that my house is for rent, so painting them was discarded, it had to be with something that could be removed, if the owner really wants to keep the previous version, so

I needed a DIY that I could remove without leaving a trace

After the good result of this other door that we customized with stripes, and  after make disappear the  kitchen valance, I was encouraged to do the same with this closet.

I confess that at first I cheated and bought a vinyl in one dollar store to prove, mistake, huge mistake, as it did not really cover the wood, it revealed a little and the result was gray, not bright..

Also, when I took it off I spent hours peeling it off with a little fingernail, it is so thin that every inch was broken and was a nuisance, in short, the cheap is expensive, I have already learned, I assure you that it was hours !.




Step 1: Remove the doors
Ask a strong boy to remove the doors and lay them on the floor, to work better (I could have done it, although they weigh a lot, it is better to ask for help, it’s okay to ask for help I assumed that I’m not a superwoman a long time ago ), The height of these doors is about 2.5 meters, the ceiling of this house is higher than usual).




Step 2: Calculate the width

Put the vinyl on the door to calculate the width you need,  always, I repeat,always  you have to leave at least 2 cm extra per side and when we talk about covering a large surface, as this one, I leave 8 cm extra per side,  the usual thing is that you twist a little and if you do not leave this margin you can find that when you get to the middle of your work, you can´t cover one of the sides because you have twisted, and this does not have solution, this High quality vinyl can be peeled off and re-glued, but if you have to peel  50cm that you have already glued, it will not look as good on re-gluing.

This same indication serves us for the length, you will have to leave about 2cm of margin in the part by which you begin to paste and to be clear that it will surpass the total length, you will cut what is left over at the end.





Step 3: We start
We peel off a strip about 3 cm from the vinyl protector and fix it to one end of the door, or the top or bottom, leaving a part of the vinyl flown in the air, this is the margin we left on that side, which we cut at the end.






Step 4: Continue
We  stick the vinyl, with the spatula, in horizontal, from the center of the door and towards the 2 sides.



And we continue this way until the end of the door, we do not have to be careful that the sides (the ones that serve as handle) are well done, we leave them without completely gluing, then, when we cut the surplus will be when we leave them well done really.





We unrolling the vinyl roll and sticking on the door almost at the same time, always trying to stick from the center to the sides, calmly, seeing that there are no air bubbles trapped, before continuing down our door by this time you probably have fallen in love with this material. And you’ll want to use it on more DIY.







Step 5:Cut
When we have reached the end of the door cut the surplus, but leaving also a good margin, this margin we cut it or double it covering the edge of the door, depends on what we want to do, if our door is not sliding we may want Cover the border.

Step 6:Retouch
We leave well finished the lateral ends, those that are glued to the profile that serves as handle, which we left without gluing completely before, to do so, helped by a spatula and a ruler, we will give the shape of that part, trying to leave glued the most possible, and climbing a little by the handle as well..

We lean on the door the rule and with the cutter we cut the surplus above the rule, parallel to the surface of the cabinet, so we will have about 3 mm of material that remain on the handle, then, with the spatula, proceed to get  under that handle , as if it were a low sheet, below that frame. If you can not do it,  it depends on the handle you have, to avoid this surplus you must cut with cuter and ruler until leaving it flush with that frame.



We continue along the whole handle to the end of the door.

Step 7: Cut
Cut the leftover from the top.

To do so, we slightly bend the vinyl, so that it is clear where the door ends, and we pass the cuter by that fold, if you have a good pulse, without a cutting rule, since the same edge of the door serves as support for the cuter , If you do not dare, use the cutting rule (I always advise to use it) ..







Do the same with the leftover from the bottom, the door is ready to be placed.



Step 8:  The door frame.
Probably the smart thing would have been to do with the doors removed, but at first I was only going to make the doors, I was not planning to make the frame, and with what they weighed I thought it best to leave them as they were and not have to ask for help, This part of DIY can be made in 2 ways, with them put or removed.

The framework has two difficulties:

Miter corners (the timbers are at a 45 ° angle) and the outer edges are rounded.

I started at the top of the frame and also covered the brass rail through which the doors run, do the same as with the door, leave enough room on all sides and then cut or fold in ( As in the case of the lane, which was worth with folding in).

To make the miter and the encounter with the vertical crossbar, you must:

-Adjust as much as possible the vinyl to that part,

– Make a cut leaving margin (which does not have to be perfect, since then we will cut more, it is the image of the center),

-Once we have done that cut we fold the vinyl out, looking to leave a marked marked just where the miter is, which is easy to find because the vinyl reproduces the volume of the molding.

Once done, with the cutter and the ruler we cut just by where we left the miter marked and remove the surplus.


To cut off the outside of the frame:

– We paste well with our the fingers following the curved shape that has the molding.

– Cut the surplus, aid with a cutting rule, support the cuter by the part closest to the wall and perpendicular to the molding and cut, make sure that it has been well sticke following the curve.

— If it doesnt stay sticked, apply heat with a hair dryer while you adapt it to the molding again, with the heat we can deform it, since the vinyl is a plastic.


To make the 2 vertical moldings, we do the same with the miter and the whole process, starting from the top of the door, in this cabinet I decided that I wanted to cover a part of the interior, so that nothing was seen of the previous wood even the sliding doors where open, so the vinyl had to fold twice, the truth is that the most complicated part was to keep a straight line on the inside, since there is no line to follow, no molding to be a guide, if I were less impatient I could have drawn a line with a pencil to follow. But for the rest the process is exactly the same.

Y taraaaaaan!!!!


Believe it or not, the simple fact that it’s white (except the grabbers, which maybe buy some in any hardware store) has make the light in that bedroom has multiplied by 2 !, when I have to take it off, either because the owner wants to keep the previous color, or because my children have gone to the dark side and want it black, (everything comes), there is nothing more to remove it, pulling from a point, as this vinyl is hick comes out whole , And then wipe the surface with a cotton swab dipped in oil.


Did you like it? Any questions, requests or suggestions?

After the success, it has been so many people who asked me where to get it, we now sell the vinyl raw too, but, I warn you, it cause addiction, you start with an ugly border and you end up vinyling  everything !!!


Pa-design, humoristic design

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