Si, el tamaño importa, al menos en el caso de elegir bien la televisión, no es  mejor cuanto más grande, depende de tu salón.

We know that almost the first thing that you will put in your living room will be the TV and the sofa, we will start the distribution of the room to know what distances must be respected between one and the other in order not to have torticollis, nor to remain with the eyes destroyed, and also to know what screen size is appropriate.

According to the SMPTE (Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers) “the minimum distance must be twice the width of the screen and the maximum distance must not exceed five times this measure”.

Well, as you all have thought the screens are measured diagonally, a 32-inch TV has 32 inches diagonally, so we must know in each case the width of the screen that interests us. (I do not know why they will give us that measure diagonally, instead of giving us the width that is important for this).

Let’s go back to our sample room, the place where you wanted to place the TV was right where the TV outlet was (thank you, construction sirs, it’s not usual). So, right opposite, we wanted to place a sofa and another in L if possible.

The maximum distance we could have was from the wall where we were going to put the sofa (in this example 3.20cm) and we had to subtract 30-40cm since we wanted to buy a sofa with backrest, (we are like that, normal and we like to support the back), the backrest is at least 15cm thick and our head also has a certain depth …

calcular distancia tv

This gave us a maximum distance of 2.90m to the TV from our eyes.

So we started to calculate what was the appropriate measure of the TV for this room from that minimum distance …, knowing the width of the screen multiplied by 2 …

A 16/9 32-inch widescreen TV has a width of 71cm (if someone wants me to help you do the calculation, please ask me, because the manufacturers only give you the diagonal, and I did not want to put all the I calculate for you to continue reading us).

So the minimum distance would have to be 1.4 meters, this would help me to choose also the sofas, as you can see in the drawing, from one of the sofas the television is at the limit of the right distance, but something has to be sacrificed. If I had wanted a bigger TV, for example 42 inches, the minimum distance would have been 192cm, so the small sofa would sacrifice much more the view from the seat closest to the TV, it could have been also, knowing that from that point you should not see, I hope this helps you choose your TV, since the size of the room is not so easy to choose …

tv distance

Once this is done, we check that the maximum distance is not exceeded (I hope it was the case, our room is not that big).

Has the information been useful?

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